Hamilton Tattoo Expo

Target Market and Marketing Overview

Target Market

The target market is based upon individual demographics and geographical location.  Demographics are quite broad: however, the incorporation of geographical locations will allow us to refine our target market into both a primary and secondary market.  Tattooing is hugely popular around the world and in Canada 22% of the population possess a minimum of one tattoo.  We seek to capture the essence of Tattooing at our event in an artistic form that transcends all boundaries.

Primary Target Market

The primary target market will consist of individuals non gender specific between the ages of 18-35 years of age and median home incomes of approximately $50,000 per year.  This market will also target small to medium sized businesses in Southern Ontario.

Secondary Target Market

The secondary target market will concentrate on individuals non gender specific between the ages of 35-65 whom are more established in their professional lives having home incomes of $100,000+.  As with the target market, these individuals will reside within Southern Ontario.

Media Marketing

We have developed multiple media sponsorships allowing sponsors and vendors to create extensive reach with our marketing efforts through social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  We have marketing teams in place for implementing a social media presence of 250,000 individuals in Hamilton and the surrounding areas of Southern Ontario to tap into the optimal mass media marketing platforms for marketing products to the public.

Sponsors and Vendors

Sponsors and Vendors will have logos displayed through online materials with options for web links in online materials dependent upon the type of sponsorship package chosen.  For more information please refer to the Sponsor and Vendor pages respectfully.